The University of Arizona

Welcome to the UITS Staff Intranet!

Welcome to the new UITS internal webpage!

I am glad you found time to visit and hope you will come back often.  The context for the website is to improve communications - I am hoping that by creating a website that provides for quick, focused updates in specific areas, we will be able to get more information out, quicker and more consistently.  

I hope this will be your “go-to” source for the status of projects, profiles of new employees, notifications of space changes, updates on progress with our strategic initiatives, and any other news that affects us, our services, and our relationships with campus.

New postings to this page will appear on at least a weekly basis so that you can always feel up-to-date on what the Senior Leadership Team and your colleagues throughout the organization are working on. Whenever there is a new entry, expect a quick email notification with a link and then read the updates at your convenience. When there are special projects to spotlight, people that deserve kudos, or breaking news, expect to see additional postings during the week.

I hope you will contribute as well—your stories, questions, comments, and suggestions to make this page a valuable information and communications tool are always welcomed, so feel free to give back using the comment section.

And with that…click on the areas to the left to get status updates on personnel, budget, space and projects as they relate to our strategic initiatives!