The University of Arizona

Welcome back to the DCIO News portion of our new Intranet Site!

Let’s hope it rains today! Wow…seems like a much hotter summer than ever before, but I say that every year!

Don’t forget to visit the website for current updates on two of our largest initiatives: We have a big milestone coming up with Mosaic. This weekend will be the go-live for the final pillar of Student Administration: Student Financials. This system calculates tuition, produces bills, and accepts financial aid credits and payments from students. We are expecting a smooth go-live, with lots of UITS staff watching and working over the weekend. Once this is done, we can truly see the days ahead when SIS will be view-only and that moves us two-thirds of the way toward shutting down our old legacy systems. After this weekend FRS will remain as our only legacy system! Congratulations and thanks to all those that have been involved.

Along the same lines, our HCM teams have just passed a major milestone with the new system. Though it meant several sleepless nights and burning of the midnight oil, they successfully completed the Fiscal Roll-Over, which means, simply, we are all set up to get paid for the new fiscal year. Our consultants tell me this is THE smoothest roll-over they have EVER seen at any of the schools where they have worked. Congratulations to the UITS and Mosaic staff...and thanks for the open eyeballs over the past few weeks!

Those are the two major projects underway right now, but you will also find ongoing personnel, space and project updates on this Intranet Site. Aside from those updates here are some updates that are on my radar, and I thought they might interest you as well:

Furloughs—Work with Your Supervisor/Assistant Director

UA Human Resources has posted quite a bit of information about furloughs in the past few weeks. Here is their information:

Additional furlough program resources are now available by clicking on the FY 2011 Furlough Program Information button on the main Human Resources web page. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page may be accessed through a link on the bottom of the Furlough General Information page. You will also notice that the FAQ regarding substituting furlough hours for sick hours received an update today.

Additionally, we have added “Furlough (employee)” and “Furlough (manager)” to the Who to Call for what section of the Human Resources web site.

Furlough time reporting codes (UFP for nonexempt/positive time reporters and UFE for exempt/exception time reporters) are available in Time and Labor and may be used on or after July 1, 2010.

On or about July 14 (once all testing is concluded), standardized comprehensive reporting tools for tracking furlough hours will be available as a dashboard tab in UAccess Analytics, and will include furlough hours that employees are expected to take as well as what has been taken. Updates regarding these tools will be shared as available.
The UITS/Mosaic/CIO/ISO plan is that each individual should work directly with their supervisor to determine when they will take their furlough hours. The Assistant Directors have a furlough report that shows how many hours each staff member is required to take during FY 11. Your furlough hours should be planned and pre-approved just like your other time away from the office.

During your planning sessions with your supervisors/Assistant Directors, it might be important to also begin planning for the University Closure period which will require 24 hours this year.

Digital Signage—WOW!

Check out the lobby—Digital Signage is live and it’s a WOW! Here are some bullet points about the display:
  • The left-hand side will loop pictures of UITS staff at work – we’ll include CIO, Mosaic and ISO teams in the future. If you have a picture that represents the work we do here in UITS, please ship it to Lisa Stage ( We want to represent all of our wonderful staff and services, so we plan frequent additions to the display, and we need your help capturing images.
  • Note the weather and alerts at the bottom – they refresh every minute.
  • The statistics refresh every 10 minutes and are a direct feed from EM7! Thank you Chris Pierce!
  • There are two "alerts" ready to roll in case of emergency. The first is tied into the campus-wide UAlert, the second is a custom alert we can use for anything and is very easily update-able from behind the scenes.
A special thanks to the Digital Signage Team who have taken our building, credibility, communications and perception to a new level!

Strategic Plans and Annual Reports

Today is the day when the annual reports, accomplishments and plans are to be turned in to me. The Communications Team and I will be working next week to pull all the data together and classify it under our strategic goals. I know that the UITS Assistant Directors have been pushing everyone to contribute and we appreciate the efforts in capturing all of the great things we have done over the past year.

We’ll publish the results in September for all to see!

Changes at ABOR

You may have heard that with the new ABIR Chair coming into office (Anne Mariucci), the ABOR Technology Oversight Committee (ATOC) has been dissolved. It isn’t clear yet how that will affect our reporting or approval process, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know something.

We do know that IT Audits will be taken up by the ABOR Audit Committee.

At one point this week we were told that we would report out to the ABOR Capital Committee on Mosaic, but that changed just before the Thursday meeting was held.

Celebrating our Heroes

Every employee at UITS shows amazing dedication to ensuring that campus systems and networks are up and available for fulfilling the University's mission. There are times, however, when we call upon staff to go above and beyond the call of duty to address an emergency. They put in extra long hours over nights and weekends, and we want to recognize their contribution.

To that end, I have inaugurated a Heroes program to commend staff when they make such an extraordinary effort. The program includes a celebratory luncheon and recognition button. You’ll be hearing more about this program from the Assistant Directors and Senior Leadership of UITS.

The inaugural Heroes Luncheon was Thursday, June 3 to recognize our WWW Heroes—the team of UITS, ISO, and External Relations staff who worked so hard for so long to make sure that the website could re-launch. What else could the menu be, other than hero sandwiches? I was honored to be able to personally thank each person who worked so hard, along with Derek Masseth and Kate Jensen, from External Relations.

Thank you to our WWW Heroes: • Cathy Bates • Kelley Bogart • Tommy Chang • Victor Cordero • Colleen Donnelly • Scott Fidelke • Mark Fischer • Taz Habib • Matt Harmon • Michael Hirst • Tracey Hummel • Chien Le • Gabriel Lopez • Nick Lopez • Derek Masseth • Margrit McIntosh • Todd Merritt • Adam Michel • Ed Murphy • Chris Pierce • Mandi Soulliard • Laurel Wadlund

Improving Our Physical Working Environment As We Can—Painting the 2nd Floor

I told you in my last update that, as often happens at the end of a fiscal year, we are able to nail down how much temporary funding we have that we can use for one-time items such as painting or other improvements to our workspace and environment. Kathy Welch has made a request to the paint shop to paint the lower half of the north and south corridors of the second floor (where that lovely pink color currently resides!). We don’t have a date just yet, but are pushing hard to have it done before the beginning of school. The color that was chosen is Mariner Blue with cove base and corner guards to match. The blue chosen is like the blue on front entrance wall "welcome" letters and we’ll install same color base and guards. Kathy has also scheduled the tint to be installed on the remaining windows in front entrance for Wednesday of next week. This tinting was done both for energy savings and to help with the visibility of our new digital signage equipment.

I hope that these small physical improvements make you a little prouder to bring guest to the building, and brighten your day just a little. I sure am ready to get rid of our 1980s pink paint!