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ua.InfoSec Monthly Update May 2010

Sec-U-R-IT-y Tip

Backing Up Your Files: Loss of data can be devastating, especially if the information cannot be recovered or reproduced. Whether data is lost due to a physical disaster, virus, theft, or accidental deletion, the recovery of the data cannot be accomplished unless you have a plan in place. The need to back up important data to ensure its availability in the event of loss or theft cannot be overstated. Backup and recovery plans are essential not only for government and businesses but also for home users. Click here for the full read the full article. 


Former Hacker: Microsoft More Secure Than Apple, Adobe A seasoned hacker believes Microsoft is now more secure than both Apple and Adobe.Marc Maiffret, who once faced FBI agents waving a gun in his face over his hacking exploits aged 17, now works trying to find security flaws in Microsoft's software and well as tackling malware. Click here for the full article. 

Bank Trojan Takes Aim at Firefox Users: The world's most feared banking Trojan, Zeus, is going after Mozilla Firefox users for the first time, security company Trusteer has reported.. Also known as Zbot, Zeus is designed to steal banking logins from its victims using sophisticated web form spoofing as well as keylogging. It has previously steered towards Internet explorer thanks to security layers built into Firefox. Click here for the full article. 

Securing UA

Coming Soon: Mandatory All-Employee Security Awareness In the near future, we will be releasing mandatory annual security awareness training for all employees who access university information and/or use computers as part of their job duties. The training will be user-friendly and offer helpful information that will educate you on how to stay safe online at work, as well as at home. Watch for department communications on this topic in the coming months.


New Information Security Website has gone live! The Information Security website has undergone some big changes in the past weeks. We have launched our new website, which has a “role-based” setup, making it easier for students, faculty, staff and IT personnel to find information pertinent to their needs. You can check it out by going to Revisit the website often, as we are always adding helpful resources and updates on security.