The University of Arizona

Progress on Strategic Initiatives as of April 21, 2010

We have 7 strategic objectives at UITS: 

   1. Mosaic
   2. Network Master Plan
   3. Reliable and Sustainable email for Students
   4. Reliable and Sustainable eMail, Calendaring and Mobile Device sychronization for
       Faculty and Staff  (Also known as BPOS-Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite)

   5. Security
   6. Operational Excellence: A Focus on Stability and Reliability of Core Services 
   7. Computing Master Plan


The Mosaic initiative will replace the four major Enterprise Systems for the University of Arizona – Student, Human Capital, Financials and Research Administration, while also implementing Business Intelligence.

  • We are highly involved in this enormous undertaking - I encourage you to go to the Mosaic website for detailed updates where you will easily recognize UITS contributions to this important initiative.

Network Master Plan
The Network Master Plan is an ongoing strategic initiative comprised of the high-level planning and organizational strategies for continuing management, funding, and enhancement of the University of Arizona voice and data network.   This initiative drives the work for over 1/2 the budget and 1/2 the UITS staff!

  • A University Committee for the Integration of Security Technology has been established to explore campus-wide approaches to video surveillance. The team has received a verbal commitment from the President’s Office to sponsor the initiative. Derek will create a charge document.
  • The WebEx contract expires soon. Decisions will need to be made about continuation, given that there is some demand for the service from campus.
  • The Digital Signage committee is continuing with their work and Julie will submit a report soon.
  • The President’s Office has approved the Network Hub Site #1 - Dragana Vasic can tell you more about that project.
  • Many, many daily projects and tasks by some amazing staff continue to contribute to this ongoing initiative in UITS.

Reliable and Sustainable email for Students
This initiative is completed (congratulations team!!) and focused on moving all student email to Google, while still provisioning students with the much coveted email address.  

Reliable and Sustainable eMail, Calenadring and Mobile Device Synchronization for Faculty and Staff
(Also known in the hallways as BPOS-Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite)
This initiative will  bring added value and efficiency to the faculty and staff of the campus community through an integrated calendaring and email solution coupled with the ability to synchronize that information to mobile devices.  This solution also provides for a live meetin solution.

  • After much campus involvement and analysis, the chosen campus solution is Microsoft BPOS (Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite).
  • There has been campus approval and we are awaiting ATOC approval on April 29, 2010.
  • The contract is under review and price points are being negotiated, pending ATOC approval.
  • A memo regarding current status will be sent to the campus community early next week.
  • We are getting started with planning and organizing, while awaiting anticipated ATOC approval - an internal UITS Kick off meeting was held on 04/20, with campus IT representatives in attendance.
  • You can expect a website devoted to this project to be available soon.

Security should be interwoven into all UITS activities. Working closely with the Information Security Office, UITS will launch a variety of initiatives and projects to ensure compliance with the Information Security Policies and Procedures, as well as enhance our abilities to be on the leading edge of security for campus and beyond.

  • The Information Security Liaisons are hard at work on wrapping up the Risk Assessment and Action plans and beginning to implement.
  • Patti Fastje sent an email to staff via UITS_ANNOUNCE that, effective April 14th, the password policies on the CCIT domain will be changed to require the use of complex passwords.
  • The UITS Risk Assessment Action Plan is nearly complete and will be submitted next week.
  • The draft UITS Risk Assessment roll-up report has been reviewed and we are waiting on the final from the CIO and ISO.

Operational Excellence: A Focus on Stability and Reliability of core servcies
This new initiative is focused on increasing stability and reliability of all core IT Services.  This is mandatory for the continued operation of the institution and to further our quest to be the IT Partner of Choice. We will and have launched a variety of initiatives and projects to enhance our abilities and perceptions in these areas. 

  • Change Management: Susan Richards made an excellent presentation about streamlining the change management process on the Mosaic Enterprise Apps side. It is anticipated that those improvements will eventually become part of UITS change management.
  • Operational Risk Management Assessment:We have some initial ideas about the costs of this project, and will be presenting some ideas to the CIO.
  • Ongoing Statistics and Reporting: We have seen great improvement through the two recent Incident Command structures: and SA Go Live. Additional statistics will be collected in the next 30 days for reporting to the CIO.

Computing Master Plan 
Much like our Network Master Plan, this initiative would set a long-term roadmap (5 - 10 years) for computing on campus and beyond.  This project would define management, funding and direction at the highest levels. It would involve campus constituents, IT Staff, partners and other key stakeholders.

  • This project is on hold until funding can be secured.