The University of Arizona

Start Your Own Blog!

We have another new feature on the UITS Intranet that I'm very much looking forward to seeing in action! Groups and Blogs is a place where all of you can share with each other what projects you are working on, things you've learned, and accomplishments you've achieved.  Check it out! 

Groups can be formed around any department, team, or project, and members of that group can then use Create Intranet Page to make a post to that group with their latest news.

Someone who works on individual projects or on projects in a variety of groups may want to have a Blog. Blog posts will be collected under the Blogger's name, and can also be cross-posted to other groups as appropriate.

If you are interested in following a certain Group or Blogger's posts, you can get RSS updates when there's new content, or just click on "My unread" page. The Web Services Team has been making posts as they've worked on this project.

Get an idea of how Groups is working for them by clicking here.

Thanks to the Web Team and the Communications and Marketing Team for all their hard work on this! This is going to be a great tool for us to share what's going on in our departments and teams with each other.