The University of Arizona

NEWS FROM THE DCIO - 06/13/2010

Welcome back to the DCIO News portion of our new Intranet Site! 


With most of the students gone, it is quiet around campus and parking is a breeze, but as you know that’s not an indicator of work.   I always smile when friends and family ask me what I am doing with my summer off – they have no idea that  we are all working hard preparing for Opening of School (August 23) and  doing big projects that we can’t always do when the students are here!


While we are busy, I sincerely hope that everyone is still taking an opportunity to spend some vacation time with the special people (and animals) in your life. I know July will be a big month for vacations, so enjoy yourself and give yourself a big congratulations on a good school year where we did lots of good things for faculty and staff and moved forward in lots of ways toward being the IT Partner of Choice!


You have been seeing regular updates for the organization, personnel, space and projects - I hope they have been helpful and informative.   There is no new information around budget, and of course we have lots of big projects going on with their own websites where you can find information – with the largest impact projects being:


·         Mosaic – the University of Arizona Enterprise Replacement Project

·         UAConnect  - the Faculty Staff email, calendaring and communications replacement project


Regarding UAConnect – I hope you will heed Derek’s request in his 3D email:


Mark Your Calendar and Attend the UAConnect Guidance Committee


What: UAConnect Guidance Committee Meeting

When: June 15 from 2pm-4pm

Where: Ventana Room at SUMC


The project team will host a series of open UAConnect Guidance Committee meetings on a bi-weekly basis throughout the summer. The Guidance Committee meetings are intended to be a forum for campus and the project team to exchange ideas and promote open dialogue about the project. These meetings will provide updates on the project's progress, as well as inform you of project decisions and issues the team may be experiencing.


Your involvement can have a tremendous impact on the success of this project, so we encourage you and members of your department to attend.



Strategic Plans and Annual Reports

Well not only is summer the time when we land big projects, it is also the time of year when we start pulling information for our UITS and CIO annual reports and updates to strategic plans.   Meetings have been held over the past few weeks to get organized and set deadlines for reports so that we can submit our final reports to ABOR and the Provost in September.   The Assistant Directors are the primary conduits for gathering data about accomplishments and plans.    I am sure they will be working with their teams to gather the data and roll it up to the Senior Leadership.   I have posted a document flow that we are using to show how the data will flow into the strategic plans and annual reports.   You can see it on our intranet site under documents and presentations.   Note:  The dates are targets only, and actual due dates are set division by division.


Here’s some other information that I thought you might find interesting, or one or more of you asked me to share:


Domestic  Partner Benefits – Great News!

You may have missed the Lo Que Pasa article about the University of Arizona being the only state University to provide insurance coverage for domestic partners.  You can read more about the plan, the University’s efforts to provide the coverage and the next steps in the June 2, 2010 Lo Que Pasa –


At this writing I don’t see any updates to the HR site regarding this issue, but we will try to find out when we can expect to see that information.


Digital Signage Moving Along

As I told you in my last update, we are working on being a pilot for the Digital Signage project as well as making our main entrance more attractive to visitors.   If you have been in the east entrance lately you will see progress with the installation of equipment through the wall.    This equipment will display UITS metrics and marketing graphics, and a Computer Center welcome message with some way-finding.


We are hoping to have everything in place and functioning before school starts in August.


Improving Our Physical Working Environment As We Can – Paint on the 2nd Floor

As often happens at the end of a fiscal year, we are able to nail down how much temporary funding  we have that we can  use for one-time items such as painting or other improvements to our workspace and environment.   Throughout the year we tend to hold on to temporary funds in case of emergency or temporary budget cuts.  This year is no different.  But now that we are close to the end of the year we can relax a little around these funds that really can’t be used for permanent commitments such as hiring people or giving raises.


So, Gabriel Lopez and the Space Team will be organizing some painting to make our 2nd floor area more consistent, modern and aesthetically pleasing.   I hope that these small physical improvements make you a little prouder to bring guest to the building, and brighten your day just a little.  I sure am ready to get rid of our 1980’s pink paint!