The University of Arizona

News from the DCIO - 04/30/2010

University of Arizona Financial System will be Kuali!!
I am really happy to report that yesterday, at the ABOR Technology Oversight Committee (ATOC), we gained agreement on implementing Kuali Financial Systems (KFS) at the University of Arizona. You may have thought that this was already a done deal, so a little background is in order.
You are all certainly aware that Mosaic has been planning and working toward implementing Kuali Financials here at UA for nearly 2 years. There have been some delays in the timeline, and those delays along with questions about why we don’t implement PeopleSoft Financials along with our other PeopleSoft products, caused Mosaic to slow down the work and launch a team to study and recommend a final direction for a new financial system. The team was named the Financial Services Review Team (FSRT) and was comprised of UA staff and consultants and led by Joel Hauff from the Student Union. They were tasked with comparing both systems from a functional, technical, cost and risk standpoint, and making a recommendation to Mosaic Executive Steering, the CIO, the Provost and the President. They did an amazing job. You can read their report (pdf, 1.2MB) here on our intranet (it will be posted soon under Mosaic and CIO as well for public consumption). Yesterday at ATOC, Michele reported our campus-wide decision and full-support for the implementation of KFS. ATOC accepted our decision with little discussion.
So, it’s FULL STEAM AHEAD for Kuali Financials implementation. The next steps are to revitalize energy around the team and develop a solid implementation plan and date. This is important to UITS as we look to the future and plan for support of the ERP systems. It's good to know what the business community wants so we can build a solid support structure under and around it!
There is one caveat that has emerged and was discussed at ATOC yesterday. If the May 18 vote on the increased sales tax is not successful, and the University receives additional budget cuts, we may see additional cuts that could impact the implementation date of KFS. We are moving forward assuming that the May 18 vote will not have an impact.