The University of Arizona

More information about UC Time and Furlough Time Planning

I have been asked to provide additional information regarding the discussion and approval process in UITS for UC time, especially in light of the furlough time referenced in my last communications:
UITS will continue the practice that Assistant Directors will have final responsibility for determining logistics and approval of UC time for employees.   Please work directly with your supervisor, who will in turn, work with the Assistant Directors around plans and approval.    Senior Directors will be informed at their discretion, and as always, may bring up concerns and/or questions with the Assistant Directors.
There is a University policy that provides maximum flexibility to supervisors and employees for accommodating this time off work using appropriate available leave or compensatory time.   We are not expecting any changes to this policy for the upcoming year:
Please take the time to read the policy carefully, and be sure that you have a plan in place, approved by your supervisor.    
In summary the policy states that:
·         Non- exempt employees must either have earned sufficient compensatory hours prior to the closure, or use personal vacation time.   Compensatory time must be accumulated and recorded on timesheets.   If non-exempt employees want to earn compensatory hours in advance of the closure, all extra hours must be project based and have the prior approval of the supervisor.   Non- exempt employees are not eligible for “UC” time.
·         For exempt employees, the use of “UC” time (indicating paid time off) will be made by the Assistant Director of the program.  The guideline is that exempt employees who have worked over and above their normal work schedule may be approved for “UC” time.    If an exempt employee wants to earn additional hours in advance of closure, all hours must be project based and approved by the Assistant Director in advance.   Please work directly with your supervisor and/or Assistant Director to clarify their expectation for use of “UC” time in your particular case.    The agreement you reach should be documented through email for your records.
·         If your position requires you to work during the University Closure, you will record time as Regular Time.
Please take the time now to speak with your supervisor and/or Assistant Director to be sure that you have the same expectations for coverage of the University Closure period of 24 hours, especially as we work through the additional requirement of Furlough hours this year. 
Gabriel Lopez can also assist with clarifying the policy if needed, he can be reached at 626-5238 or at