The University of Arizona

Main website sails through first day of classes

The main website performed like a champ on the heaviest day of the year, the first day of Fall semester classes.

Several groups within UITS are responsible for support of the website, including Infrastructure Services (hosting and server configuration) and Enterprise Applications (web programming and drupal maintenance). The site is owned by External Relations, who are responsible for the content, and was designed by an outside firm.

Traffic was up about 23% from Fall 2009.

The site peaked at about 120 connections per second on Monday, August 23, 2010. A week later, August 30th, activity dropped to about 90 connections per second.

The load testing that took place during the Incident Command period demonstrated that the site could perform adequately up to around 500 connections per second. 120 is well within that constraint.

The UITS Web Services Team was monitoring the site closely on Monday August 23. No performance issues were reported and the site was observed to be snappy and responsive.