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IT support getting a hand from UAssist/by Kathleen Cochran

After months of planning, the Remedy upgrade to the new and improved 7.5 version is underway! The project is called UAssist and is taking a more global approach than the standard systems upgrade. The goal is to eventually offer Remedy to other departments around campus, though the focus right now is to get the software up and running for central IT in support of UA’s enterprise applications.

Remedy is a form-based tool backed by a powerful database and is used primarily as an IT trouble ticket system. This tool streamlines workflow to assure that tickets are directed to the appropriate technician, processed and resolved as quickly as possible, and to create an auditable trail. Version 6.3 is currently used in the 24/7 IT Support Center and within other UITS and Mosaic divisions. Highly customized versions of 6.3 are also used in other departments around campus.

Victor Cordero, Remedy Implementation Director

Although Remedy is customizable and can meet very specific workflow needs, it was this very characteristic that made it unsustainable in the long term. ”The original software was so customized that it lost a lot of its original functionality and became difficult to manage,” says Victor Cordero, Implementation Director for UAssist. The 7.5 upgrade implementation adheres to the Mosaic project philosophy: configure the product as little as possible to make it more usable and supportable.

To that end, the upgrade became a fully-fledged Mosaic initiative that will take guidance from an Advisory Board comprised of departmental representatives from campus, some of whom may be interested in using Remedy in the future. “We took time up front to make sure UAssist will have campus-wide relevance. Our goal is to at some point make the product available to any department that would like to use it,” says Cordero.

The software vendor, BMC, is currently on site to demonstrate how to take advantage of the “out of the box” features. Workshops will be held to determine the configurations necessary for all of the university’s enterprise applications, such as the Mosaic initiatives, D2L and email. The Advisory Committee—which currently represents 14 academic and administrative departments—will begin meeting this week to offer input and recommendations to make Remedy a more universally usable system. These recommendations can be adopted if approved by the Executive Steering Committee. UAssist implementation is scheduled for later this summer after refinements have been made to the system to maximize its usability for the UA.

Want to stay current on the Project Team's progress? Kay Beasock is working on a project page on the Mosaic site...stay tuned for that!

The Implementation and Project Team consists of Hank Childers (Project Sponsor), Kate Rehkopf (Co-sponsor and Advisor), Victor Cordero (Implementation Director), Lindsey Lee (Business Analyst), Kay Stevens Beasock (Communications), Chien Le (Systems), Cheryl Purvis (Database Administrator), and Michael Hirst (Applications and Systems Administrator). Joe Hauff (Student Union), John Luiten (Computer Science), Jeremy Frumkin (Library), Hank Childers (Mosaic), Derek Masseth, Kate Rehkopf, and Liz Taylor comprise the Executive Steering Committee.