The University of Arizona

InfoSec Monthly Update August 2010

*Sec-U-R-IT-y Tip*

Protecting Data Contained in Copiers and Printers

You are probably familiar with many of the standard best practices for
safeguarding your data, such as avoiding carrying unencrypted sensitive data
on portable devices; using a complex password; and keeping your PC current
with updated anti-virus software and security patches. However, do you
realize that another important aspect of safeguarding your data means taking
precautions about the information contained on printers or copiers?  For
information on copier and printer security, as well as UA-specific security
information, click here.




Data Breaches Slam Campuses This Summer

It's been a tough summer for college IT officials charged with defending
campus servers from hackers who target databases brimming with students' and
faculty's personal information. For the full article, go here.


As Attacks Escalate, Microsoft Ships Emergency Windows Patch

Microsoft has rushed out an emergency patch for all supported versions of
Windows to cover a gaping - and under attack - security flaw in the way
shortcuts are displayed by the operating system.  For the full article, click here.


Scammers Hack into Senator's Yahoo Account

Bob Dvorsky, a Democrat senator for the state of Iowa, is the latest public
figure to have had his email system broken into by cybercriminals.  Discover
what happened and how scammers tried to defraud the senator's friends and
acquaintances by going here.



*Securing UA*

All-Employee Security Awareness Getting Rave Reviews

The InfoSec Office has been receiving kudos all over campus for its
all-employee security awareness program.  Here are just a few of the
comments for both the live and online sessions.


From "Live" session evaluations:

* "Presenter was definitely knowledgeable and provided a lot of
information condensed into a 1.5 hour session -- impressive feat"
* "Very comprehensive! Learned about new resources to become more
* "Excellent explanation, logic and sequence!  Great animation.  Spoke
respectfully to audience."

From Online training evaluations:

* "I really encourage that this be a required repeat every year or
18 months or so.  It's good to be reminded and refreshed as to our

* "Very informative.  Reinforced what I already knew and put into
better perspective so that I can remember the threats more easily."
* "Very clear and very easy! Thank you."

Since June, almost 2,000 employees have completed the training, either
online or in a live session. For information on completing the awareness
training, go here.



*Special facebook section*

Helpful Information on All Things Phishing-Related

Facebook security continues to be in the news.  We have included a sampling
of recent articles to help our readers become better informed on good
security practices where online social networking is concerned.

* Rude Toy Story 3 Hidden Message?  It's Another Facebook Scam. Click here for more informaton.

* 100 Million Facebook Users Were *Already* Exposed on the Net. Click here for more of the story.

* Want to See Who Has Viewed Your Facebook Profile?  Take Care. . . . - Click here for details.

Sophos has a Facebook page where the company posts the latest Facebook
scams.  To join, go here and click "Like" at the top of the page.