The University of Arizona

A CIO update - Michele's Microsoft trip

As another demonstration that we are blazing new trails, the UofA received a special invitation from Microsoft executives to visit Atlanta at the end of last month. They were holding an event for their 14,000 salespeople from around the world and had a special track for their BPOS cloud computing services.

Michele served on a panel with the CIOs of JWT, a large marketing firm and Royal Mail, the UK's postal service to answer questions about what worked and what didn't work in their experiences with Microsoft. Arizona is the largest research university making the move to BPOS and Michele was able to give an auditorium full of salespeople an idea of the unique environment at a major university. Her experience was that both executives and salespeople were eager to hear the unvarnished truth about where they could improve their processes. The word is that several weeks later Microsoft is still buzzing internally about the panel.

The invitation is great news for UITS (and the UAConnect Project Team) on three fronts—it means that Arizona is making a name as an IT innovator, it means that UA and Microsoft relations are that much stronger, and it means that Microsoft is committed to serving research institution needs.