The University of Arizona

UAConnect and Office 2007

How To's:

  • AutoArchive
    • Set Up and Start AutoArchive
    • AutoArchive Individual Email Folders
    • AutoArchive from an Outlook 2007 Reminder
    • Find and Restore Archived Items
  • Create Tasks
    • About the To-Do Bar in Outlook
    • Create a Task in Outlook
    • Flag Incoming Email Messages for Follow-Up
    • Flag Outgoing Email Messages as a Reminder
    • Use Outlook to Work with SharePoint Tasks
    • Respond to a Task Email Message from a SharePoint Site
    • Use Outlook to Create SharePoint Tasks
    • Create an Outlook Task from OneNote
  • Delegate Access
    • Add a Delegate
    • Change Delegate Access Levels
    • Remove a Delegate
    • Open a Delegated Outlook 2007 Folder
  • Email Basics
    • Group Messages in Folders
    • Use the To-Do Bar
    • Assign Categories to Messages
    • Use Colors and Flags to Organize Messages
    • Search for Messages with the Search Box
    • Use Search Folders
    • Use Email Rules to Route Messages
    • Reduce Unwanted Mail with Junk Filters
    • Manage Email Attachments
  • Email Rules
    • Route Email from Distribution Lists
    • Organize Voice Mail Messages
    • Collect Responses for a Meeting Request
    • Flag Email Messages
    • Create Customized Rules
  • Manage Tasks
    • Schedule Time for an Outlook Task
    • Attach Files and Email Messages to a Task
    • Assign and Track Tasks
    • Mark a Task Complete
    • Customize the To-Do Bar
    • Customize Views
    • Categorize Your Tasks
    • Change Task Default Colors
  • Multiple Calendars
    • Create Additional Calendars in Outlook
    • Connect to SharePoint Calendars in Outlook
    • View Multiple Calendars
    • Move Appointments between Calendars
    • Delete and Restore a Calendar
    • Add a Second Time Zone to a Calendar
  • Out of Office Assistant (OOF Assistant)
    • Turn on the OOF Assistant
    • Create Auto-Reply Messages
    • Add Custom Rules to the OOF Assistant
    • Scenarios for Inbox Rules
  • Personal Folders
    • Create Personal Folder Files
    • Find Your Personal Folder Files (Windows XP)
    • Find Your Personal Folder Files (Windows Vista)
  • Schedule Meetings
    • Create Your Meeting
    • Update Your Meeting
    • Cancel Your Meeting
    • Understand Suggested Time and Place
  • Share Calendars
    • Share Your Calendar with Others
    • Change Sharing Permissions
    • Stop Sharing Your Calendar
    • See Another Person's Calendar
    • See Your Permissions on Another Persons's Shared Calendar
    • Remove Another Person's Shared Calendar
  • Voting Buttons
    • Add Voting Buttons to a Message
    • Respond to a Message by Using Voting Buttons
    • Track Results and Responses
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