The University of Arizona

SPAM and Junk Email Rules

Some rules for filtering email are "server-side," meaning you edit them in the Outlook Web App (OWA). Some rules you set "client-side," only working when you are on your computer with Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, or Outlook 2011. There are some specific rules operations that will not work on the server-side and are limited to the client-side only. 
OWA cannot edit client-side only rules you created in Outlook on your desktop or laptop machine (rules such as notify user, play sound if rule matches). It will prompt the user if they would like to disable these rules. If the user chooses "disable," the client-side rules will be disabled. If they choose cancel, they cannot edit any rules in OWA and must use Outlook for rule editing. 
More information on filtering email in Outlook is available in the UITS workshop Microsoft Outlook 2010 for Windows - Advanced Topics.
UITS provides a a server-side rule (accessed through OWA) for all UAConnect accounts to work with central email spam filtering.

In the new email spam filtering system, suspected spam is marked with “[SPAM?]” in the subject line. On UAConnect accounts, UITS automatically provides a server-side filter that sends this email to your Junk folder, and will remove the filter that worked with the previous system.

Additionally, UITS is providing an optional Outlook for Windows (2010 or 2013) plug-in that will allow you to report to Cisco any email that was not flagged as Spam and should have been, or legitimate email that was mistakenly flagged as Spam. It is not a direct whitelist/blacklist, but your reporting of these emails will help improve the spam filtering process for everyone over time. The plug-in is available at Software License: