The University of Arizona

ITCats Toastmasters Club

The ITCats Toastmasters Club is a professional development opportunity for University of Arizona IT staff to improve their communications and leadership skills. 

The club is chartered with Toastmasters International, and follows programs that have proven successful at helping people speak more effectively and confidently since 1924. 



ITCats meets Thursdays from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. in Computer Center room 303 (Innovation Station).

Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting as a guest. We look forward to having you! 



ITCats is what Toastmasters calls a closed-membership club—membership is limited to IT staff at the University of Arizona. There are other Toastmaster opportunities available at the University and in the Tucson area, if you are not eligible for ITCats. Find another club at UA or another Tucson club that suits your needs. 

ITCats Toastmasters membership requires:

  • Toastmaster International one-time new member fee (includes materials)
  • Toastmaster International annual dues (includes magazine subscription)
  • ITCats club annual dues ($12/year)

Career staff who work under the CIO (UITS, Mosaic, ISO, and FMS) will have their Toastmaster International fees and dues paid by the organization as professional development. Staff pay their own club dues.

Student staff who work under the CIO and IT staff who work in other departments at the University are welcome to join, but will be responsible for all fees and dues.


Club President: Evy Lizarraga (joined 2012)
Vice President of Education: Ryan Duitman, CC (joined 2012)
Vice President of Membership: Deborah Andrysiak, CC (joined 2009) (Charter President)
Vice President, Public Relations/Webmaster:  Teresa Banks, CC, CL (joined 2009)
Treasurer:  Chris Reidy (joined 2014)
Secretary:  Teresa Banks, CC, CL (joined 2009)
Sergeant At Arms:  Christopher Deer (joined 2016)
Immediate Past President: Gil Salazar, CC, CL (joined 2012)