The University of Arizona

Unity Connection Voicemail


Cisco's Unity Connection Voicemail system is a new service that provides greater integration with the faculty and staff campus email system UAConnect (Microsoft Exchange) and offers the ability to retrieve messages via your phone, your email (UAConnect), or the Unity Connection Web Inbox.  Login to Web Inbox

If the login button to the right takes you to a Cisco 403 error message page, please either refresh your browser or copy and paste this URL into browser:

(UITS has an open ticket with Cisco to resolve this issue)

Email forwards:

  • For UAConnect users, voicemails are delivered directly into the UAConnect inbox as a final destination, and they do not follow automatic forwarding that individuals may have set for their regular email.
  • UITS will set up automatic forwards for voicemails to any university address (* to ensure that faculty and staff have access to their voicemails from their work email account.