The University of Arizona

UAConnect Accounts for Student Employees


Student employees that have UAConnect Email/Calendaring account will be able to configure the client of their choice using their email address and UA NetID password.  They will still have their email account in CatMail; they can configure their CatMail account to forward to their student employee account, however it is recommended that they keep the two accounts distinct and separate, as the UAConnect accounts will be deleted after termination of employment.   

Student employees that have IM/Conferencing accounts will be able to use their account with their UA NetID password to log into the Lync client and to schedule web conferences.


  • Enables student employee access to the UAConnect Global Address List (GAL), Global Distribution Lists, and shared personal and departmental accounts
  • Can share mailboxes and calendars
  • Allows the ability to perform Send As or Send on Behalf of within the email account

To Request a UAConnect Student Worker Account

Go to:

  • You will have the choice to provide the student employee with just an email/calendaring account, or just a Lync instant messaging and conferencing account, or both of these.
  • Student employee accounts will be automatically deleted 30 days after their employment is terminated.