The University of Arizona

How to Register Game Consoles in Residence Halls

The following information has been obtained by outside resources and has proven to work in the past. It is provided for your convenience, but UITS does not offer official support for gaming consoles in residence halls.

Connecting PS3, Xbox, Wii to the Campus Wired Network

You will need to register your gaming console with the campus DHCP server. First, locate the Ethernet port in your room to plug into. Also, make sure you have an Ethernet cable.

Next, you will need to determine your device’s Hardware/MAC address. This is sometimes listed on the device itself, but most often you will need to go through some screens to find it.

Once you have obtained the MAC address information you will need to register it using the instructions provided at the DHCP Service page.   

After you have completed all the steps, you will need to wait approximately 30 minutes before you are able to get your device online, after 30 minutes restart the device, and try to get online.

See Student Data Services for information on connecting other devices in residence halls.