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Patrick Walters

Technology Support Analyst, Senior
(Client Services - Workgroup and Network Consulting (WNC))
(Client Services)
Phone: (520) 621-7774
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What I offer to our customers: I work with external customers on complex call flow scenarios, as well as provide backup support for Telecom Services, CTS and Cable Assignment. My piece of the puzzle: I support the daily activities of the Telecom Services group and some of the CTS group as well. This includes hardware and software support, training, process documentation, error analysis and back-fill support. I maintain the NTS portion of the UITS website I also work with both internal and external customers for advanced call flow scenarios. Background and Education: I have worked with UITS since 2006, coming back to work for the school I got my Bachelor's in MIS from back in 2001. Prior to the UA, I had worked for the U of Wyoming for just over 3 years in a similar capacity.