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Brenda Griffiths

Senior Telephone Operator
(IT Support Services)
(Client Services)
(Client Services - Switchboard)
Phone: (520) 621-0955
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I am one of the voices of the University of Arizona...the live human being on the other end of the line that assists the outside world in navigating the many wonders we have inside! I help assist parents, students, staff and faculty with a wide variety of issues. The amounts of phone numbers in my head are staggering! Not only do I need to know all the numbers in the phone book, but also the many different programs, research labs and studies that are not listed anywhere. Generally speaking we handle approximately 500 calls per day and approximately 200 conference calls per month. In addition I also have assisted in the hiring, processing and training of new employees, have written manuals, assisted in the maintaining and updating of the Qwest Dex directory listings for the entire campus, and assisted with various reports. I have also represented UITS and The University of Arizona as a community volunteer for Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, The American Cancer Society and United well as becoming C.E.R.T certified to be available to help the University and the Tucson community should an emergency arise.