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Jimmy Ferng

Research Computing Specialist, Principal
(Research Computing)
Phone: (520) 621-6263
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My piece of the puzzle: Jimmy is a High Performance Computing Specialist providing advanced scientific computing consultation to campus researchers -- including faculty, staff and graduate students -- to investigate, identify and resolve problems. He provides support for parallel and serial programming, libraries, utilities, code porting, debugging and optimization on the central supercomputer and high-performance Linux cluster. Jimmy also provides general consulting services on UNIX/LINUX and Windows systems, and technical issues, including software packages (Matlab, Mathematica, IMSL, NCAR, ABAQUS, ANSYS), programming, networking and so on. Jimmy implements and administers the campus computing grid (UAgrid). He implements and provides Access Grid (AG), an advanced video/audio collaboration environment utilizing high-bandwidth Internet2, to the campus. Background & Education: Jimmy has more than 20 years of directly-related experience in scientific and HPC programming using standard parallel APIs, including OPENMP and MPI in Fortran, C and C++ programming languages. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from The University of Arizona and has knowledge/research in computer architecture, parallel computing, VLSI design, fault-tolerant computing, computer graphics, computer networking, multimedia communications, modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence and database design.