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Suzanne Mulligan

Information Technology Support Analyst, Senior
(Enterprise & Research Services & Operations Center)
Phone: (520) 626-2614
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I started with the University in 1998 as an applications systems analyst principal and was assigned to work on the FRS system (“old” legacy financial system). This involved performing all stages of an applications software development lifecycle. In 2000, I was assigned to special duty and became the interim manager of the FRS system. As manager I was involved in all aspects of management with a team of 4 people. I also continued to perform applications development work. In 2001, I was reclassified to be the manager of the FRS systems group where I continued to provide support for the FRS financial system. During this time I was the primary support for the FRS system as well as the manager of a team of developers that maintained the FRS system. Type of work performed includes research, analysis, working with customers and business owners, applications development, coordination of testing and implementation. Also provided on-call support and backup support for the applications developers and the database administrator. In 2008, I also worked on the MOSAIC KFS implementation team doing conversion work. This involves working to extract, transform and load legacy data from the FRS system into the new Financial System (KFS) database tables. In 2010, I worked on the Security Team within Enterprise Applications during access provisioning for UAccess systems such as Employee, Student, Financials, Research and Analytics. Maintained all of the processes that used Microsoft Access. This included the daily process, weekly terminations and elevated privileges. Also maintained all the configuration tables used by the Access Provisioning Tool (APT). The APT is used by campus to request access to various UAccess systems. In 2013, Transferred positions to Infrastructure Services Operations Center. Work includes scheduling of jobs, maintaining documentation and job calendars as well as documentation for other things related to operations, jobs and Control-M software.