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Sean R Engelsen

IT Support Center Specialist, Senior
(IT Support Services)
(Client Services - 24/7 IT Support Center)
(Client Services)
Phone: (520) 621-6704
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As a Senior Support Specialist I do more than just answer phones and fill tickets, I facilitate action. More than just networking computers, I transverse the human network to find the solutions people need, and as fast as possible. When a problem occurs on campus the staff at the 24/7 is the first to hear about it and we make sure the right people hear about it. I also man the support desk and serve all those who seek our service and advice on their computing troubles, from malware removal to mail and calendar configuration. I am well-versed in a myriad of windows applications and environments, having worked in the IT field for the past 4 years and spending the previous as an enthusiast. My time spent here has also given me time with Mac and Linux systems and I gain experience daily with constant exposure. I also spend my time working on PC hardware in my off-time which gives me insight on these types of issues in the wild.