The University of Arizona

WinSCP Setup

WinSCP Setup


1. First download and install the WinSCP client from

2. To configure the WinSCP client, double-click the WinSCP icon.   The WinSCP login window appears.

3. Enter in the Host Name text box. PSOS users enter

4. Enter your NetID in the User name text box. DO NOT enter your password yet. (You cannot securely save your password. You will be prompted for your password when you log in.) Click Save. The "Save session as" box appears.

5. Enter a name for this session. Click OK. The Login box displays the name of the session you just saved. Highlight the session you want to enter and click Login.

6.  The WinSCP window will appear. See the WinSCP documentation for information on how to use the functions in the WinSCP window.