The University of Arizona


Panopto is a presentation capture platform that allows you to capture, edit, stream, archive and share recordings. Faculty use Panopto to capture classroom interactions, lecture, presentations, student demonstrations and role-playing scenarios. It is also used to create learning modules to deliver ancillary content or pre-lecture information. Students view recordings from the Internet to review classroom content, assess their peers' work as well as their own, and create recordings for course work.
Panopto can be used to capture a variety of media from various sources. It can be as simple as an audio recording or as complex as recording from two computers, cameras, and projection in a classroom.  Over xx rooms on campus are configured with the equipment to record audio and/or video. Below we have defined the various levels of configurations on campus for using Panopto. Visit the Panopto Quick Start guide and Faculty Getting Started section above to get started.