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Off-Campus Data Connections


Data Connections

U of AZ data connectivity options for off-campus sites may vary widely depending on the distances involved and the infrastructure available. UITS strives to provide off-campus departments and affiliates the best data connectivity available. The type of data connection provided will depend on location, need, and cost. All requests for off-campus connections will go through an estimate process, and UITS will work with the end-users to determine the approach that best meets the needs of the site and the resources available.

Off-campus data connections are provided directly back to the central campus, and from there data is routed to campus locations or out to the general Internet just as it is for on-campus buildings. Effectively, UITS is the Internet Service Provider for the remote site. Several options are available depending on the needs of the customer and the restrictions imposed by the nature of the remote location. These may include T1 or T3 data lines, DSL service, Metropolitan Ethernet service, point-to-point wireless links, etc.

As a general rule UITS does not offer these specific connection technologies as line items for customers to order directly. Rather, customers are encouraged to order general data connectivity and specify their needs for the performance and features of that connectivity. UITS will consult with customers to arrive at the optimal design for each specific case. Please contact UITS customer service to discuss connectivity options and request an estimate for your location.

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Contact Telecommunications Services at or call (520) 621-8999 to request an estimate.