The University of Arizona

Email/U-System Account Deletion Policy


UITS periodically deletes Email/U-System computer accounts belonging to individuals no longer affiliated as University of Arizona students, faculty, or staff.

"No longer affiliated" is defined as:

  • Students: Have graduated, or are no longer officially enrolled for at least 1 credit hour
  • Faculty/Staff: Have voluntarily left the University, or terminated employment

Student CatMail accounts are not deleted, although Google reserves the right to convert the accounts of non-affiliated students from the Google Apps for Education contract to a standard Google account. 

Approximate Account Deletion Dates

Accounts for non-affiliated University of Arizona students, faculty, and staff are normally deleted 14 days after the last day to drop a class with a grade of "W" or to change to or from audit grading, during the Fall and Spring semesters only.


14 days before accounts are scheduled for deletion, each affected account owner will receive email notification from UITS that their account is scheduled for deletion. It is the account owner's responsibility to manage his/her account responsibly, and to retain any required files on backup media.

Requests for Extension

In some cases, account owners may have valid reasons for retaining their accounts. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Making up an incomplete. The 24/7 IT Support Center requires a letter from their professor stating the student needs the account to make up an incomplete. The expiration date will be set to the end of the semester.
  • Enrolled in the University of Arizona Study Abroad program
  • Data errors in various systems

If the account owner suspects that he/she received the account deletion email notification in error, they should contact the party listed in the email message immediately.

Account/File Restoration

Occasionally, a student or employee may have had their account deleted and are in fact still eligible to retain the account. This sometimes occurs if the account owner has not read email messages for some time. Should this occur, contact the 24/7 IT Support Center. The account owner will be asked to provide sufficient documentation stating why he/she is still eligible for the account. Upon approval, the account will need to then be re-created, and a file restore performed if the account owner needs the old data files and email messages. Please note, however, that UITS cannot guarantee that all files will be restored.

Special circumstances

Employees who are laid off will retain their accounts for one year from the first day layoff status was effective. Their account deletion date will vary.

This policy is subject to change without notice.