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Designated Departmental Sponsors


New! Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs) System to Replace Retiring Department Sponsored Visitor (DSV) System May 27, 2012

The DSV System was retired on May 27, 2012.  Details provided below are critical for ensuring the DSV/DCCs continue with uninterrupted services.

  • DSV records scheduled to expire between May 28 - June 4, 2012 should have been renewed, via the UITS DSV Sponsor process, prior to May 28
  • UITS DSVs will be migrated to the DCC tables prior to June 4, 2012
  • All DSV records converted to DCCs must have been renewed (via the DCC Rollover process), even if they are not scheduled to expire prior to June 30, 2012 in the DSV system
  • Access to the NetID DSV Sponsor siteended on May 28th. Beginning June 4th, the MSS DCC workflow process replaces the DSV process

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New! Student workers who need UAConnect accounts no longer need to get a DSV/DCC account. You may now request a UAConnect account for your student workers who need to interact with staff calendars or send on behalf of staff email by logging in at


  • Account must be requested through UITS
  • The account will require the purchase of a license. Although this cost will not be charged to the department, it will be absorbed by the University.
  • As a way to manage the licensing costs, the account will expire after one year. If you wish to keep the account active, it must be renewed annually.

Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs) accounts are available for those individuals not represented by an official record in the UAccess employee or student systems and who may require temporary computing privileges as deemed necessary by an affiliated University of Arizona department, school, or college.  

Eligible for DCC

Ineligible for DCC

Employees of Temporary Agencies Inter-Institutional Staff and Faculty
Independent Contractors, Artists and Performers Spouses of UA Employees
Vendors and Business Partners Dependents of UA Employees
Sponsored Volunteers Conference Attendees
UA Foundation Members UA Alumni
Campaign Volunteers Non-Matriculated Students
Religious Center Personnel Students Incomplete
Government Agency Staff  
Grad Committee Members  
Health Care Partners  


How to Obtain a DCC Account

DCC accounts are created by an offically designated UA college or department 'sponsor'.  These individuals are approved as sponsors by the Access Provisioning Liaison for their department and by an Authorizing Agent of the University. As sponsors, they are granted the ability to generate DCC records for individuals.

How to Become a DCC Sponsor

Your department must request the appropriate UAccess Employee role(s) for you.  There can be several roles associated with the DCC creation and approval process, depending on how your department is organized. Requests for access can be submitted in the UAccess Application Access Provisioning tool.