The University of Arizona

3 Easy Steps to Begin Computing at the UA

1. Get Your NetID and Password   
You must first create a personal identifer -- your UA NetID. UA NetID is a secure, efficient way for the University and its computer systems to ensure that you are who you say you are before allowing access to potentially sensitive information. Obtaining a UA NetID is an easy process.

You will need your student ID number, your PIN number, and your date of birth. Student ID and PIN numbers are assigned once someone is accepted to the University. Use the UA NetID website at to get a UA NetID and to pick a password.

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Create Your UA NetID Account

Sign-up for NetID+ (Plus) Two-Step Authentication

2. Choose Your Computer Account
Opening your account is easy with the Account program. The Account page includes descriptions of the various types of accounts available to you.

Email Account - an email account lets you send and receive email.

U-System Account - lets you use computational and other specialized software, as well as the ability to create and maintain your own Web pages, and connect to the Internet.

Types of Accounts

3. Register Your Computer

If you plan to plug into the campus network in the residence halls or take a laptop to the classroom or the library, you need to register your computer before you connect to the network. You can even register your computer from home before you come to campus for the first time. 

Registering Your Computer