The University of Arizona


Monday, August 17, 2009 - 12:13pm

In the summer of 2008, UA BookStores decided to participate in Apple Computer's recycling program, and asked UITS to partner in the program. The week-long collection yielded eight pallets of old electronics for disposal.

The UA BookStores, Apple, and UITS partnered again for Cyberjunk Collection 2009, and this year's recycling tripled to 23 pallets—nearly 17,000 pounds of equipment.

Christina Montaño, supervisor of the BookStores' Computing and Technology Store, is thrilled with this year's success. "This exceeded our expectations. We're going to be looking for opportunities to work with UITS on further computer recycling projects."

Friday, August 14, 2009 - 5:12pm
When Financial Aid, UA Admissions, and Student Affairs worked with the UA Bookstore's Computing and Technology Store (CATS) to provide free laptops as scholarships for 500 incoming new students, they asked for help from the Office of Student Computing Resources (OSCR) and the 24/7 IT Support Center as well. OSCR's Bernard Begay created the image for all 500 MacBook Pros with a custom "Wildcat for Life" desktop; bookmarks for helpful sites such as the Library, the 24/7, and the Think Tank; and open source productivity software to make the laptops useful right out of the box. The weekend before the start of the Fall semester, 350 of the MacBook Scholars attended a special event for distributing and setting up their awards. Representatives from Apple and CATS stepped the group through registering their laptops with Apple and some of the features available on the machines. Student workers from OSCR and the 24/7 helped award recipients who had individual questions. The program was enormously popular, and Dean of Admissions Paul Kohn hopes to be able to expand it next year.
Photo by Gary Mackender, UITS OSCR student workers Kevin Cheng and Aaron Walker assist MacBook Scholars who have questions about their laptops.


Monday, August 3, 2009 - 7:54pm
With the start of Fall semester 2009, UA NetIDs will become "permanent." Currently, NetIDs expire when a NetID account holder has not had an active affiliation with the University for 18 months. However, NetIDs are increasingly used as identifiers for applications, both internal and external to the University, that have the need to grant access privileges spanning longer periods of time--often permanently. In order for the UA NetID to remain viable in today's IT landscape, it must be persistent. Beginning with the transition date, all UA NetID accounts that have not yet been deleted (generally, employees that have been active within the last 18 months and students who were enrolled in Spring 2008, or later) will be retained permanently. Additionally, all new NetIDs created subsequent to the transition date will be permanent.UITS is also planning to expand the maximum length of NetID usernames (from the current limit of 8 characters) to 16 characters, effective January 2010. This move will assure that users can continue to create NetID usernames for many years to come.