The University of Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions - Telephone Conferencing

Although it is not required we highly recommend a 24 hour advance notice. At times of high usage, space on the phone conferencing system may become limited. So even though it is often possible to set up a conference minutes before you need it, sometimes that is not an option. We recommend you set up your conference well in advance to be on the safe side.

Once you have scheduled your conference, you can make modifications to it right up until the conference begins.

Yes. You can set up recurring conferences, called Periodic Calls, which can be scheduled to occur:

  • daily (5 or 7 days a week)
  • weekly
  • bi-weekly
  • monthly by date
  • monthly by day of the week (e.g., Monday, Friday)
  • monthly by nearest working day
  • monthly by last day of month
  • monthly by last working day of the month

You can schedule as many as needed contingent upon the number of lines available.  Calls can be scheduled in advance.

Yes, though we do recommend conference participants connect through our local number. Participants outside of the Tucson area (not within 520 area code) can use either our toll-free number, or they can pay long distance to connect through our local number. The toll-free number is given to the person who sets up the conference, who can then pass on our toll-free number to participants as needed. Learn more...

Conferences can be rounded to 5 minutes. For example, if your conferences are normally about 20 minutes, then you might schedule the conference duration to 25 minutes. Also, if near the end of a conference it needs to be extended, the host just dials * 0 to reach the campus operator and to request an extension.

Note: At this time, there is no need to contact the operator to extend the duration of the call, just proceed with the call.

Yes. The conference host just needs to dial * 0 to reach the operator and make the request.

  • In a Meet Me conference - the participant simply redials the conference phone number and re-enters the conference code to rejoin the conference.
  • In a Preset conference - the host simply dials * 0 to notify the campus operator, who will rejoin the disconnected participant.

The host will need to dial * 0 to notify the campus operator there is a problem. The operator will then listen to each line to find the bad line. In a:

  • Meet Me conference - the operator informs the affected participant. Using a good line the participant calls the conference phone number and re-enters the conference code.
  • Preset conference - the operator informs the affected participant and calls that participant at a phone with a good line.

Our operators do not monitor conference calls. When a conference host dials * 0, an operator will enter the conference and can hear a request along with anything else in the conference at that particular time.

No charge will be incurred if you do not use the reserved conference service.  We do ask however, that you contact our operators to cancel the call as we only have a very finite number of lines available for usage at any given time.  We service the entire campus community so if a call is booked and not used all of those lines are out of service for someone else who may need them. 

  • Free - to Tucson users using the (520) 626-8109 and Phoenix users using the (602) 827-8109 (no leading 1)
  • Fee - currently we charge .06 cents per minute per person using the toll free line (866) 218-6651 
  • International callers must dial (520) 626-8109 and pay their own toll charges

Reserve for the number of participants and expected duration. If you learn that fewer people will be participating than you reserved for, you can call the campus operator before the conference begins to adjust the reservation. 

All adjustments to a conference call must be made thru the campus operator during their normal hours of operation Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (excluding University holidays). 

Example of Conference Call and Costs

Here’s an example of a Meet-Me conference scheduled for an hour with 10 participants.

If all participants connect to the conference at the start time and remain on the call the entire scheduled hour, here's how the cost would be calculated:

  • 10 participants x 60 minutes = 600 total minutes
  • 600 minutes x $.06/minute per person = $36

Let's say that shortly before the conference you learn that only 5 people will participate in the conference call for only 30 minutes. If you call to inform the campus operator of the reduced number of participants and duration before the scheduled start time, here's how the cost of the conference would be calculated:

  • 5 participants x 30 minutes = 150 total minutes
  • 150 minutes x $.06/minute per person = $9 

The campus operators are available Monday — Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. excluding University holidays.