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Frequently Asked Questions - Enhanced Voicemail (EVM)

Make sure you have inserted the correct email address for message deliveries and you checked the Active box. Also, make sure your email server allows email with audio and graphic attachments.

Make sure you have entered your voicemail password (the one you use to login to voicemail) in the field on the web configuration page (in the center, near the top of the screen of the EVM for Octel tab).

Message waiting lights come on immediately upon the message being left in the mailbox. The EVM application is running on a scheduled basis (every few minutes). There may be a delay in receiving an EVM notification or delivery.

You MUST change the password on the EVM web administration page to match the voice password, or EVM will be unable to deliver messages.

You can send notifications of messages to your PCS cell phone using its SMS address, but the message itself is sent as a sound file attachment and cannot be played on your cell phone.

EVM includes the caller name for inside callers set up in the Octel Names directory. There is also a file in the EVM system that translates a user’s mailbox number with their email address. If the database is populated with the sender’s email address, EVM will insert the sender’s email address into the From field of the email.

EVM works in the background and continuously looks for new messages in all the EVM mailboxes. The application generally runs every few minutes. Therefore, depending where EVM is in its cycle, the message delivery can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes.

You are probably using a sound player that doesn’t recognize the sound format your administrator has chosen. Try opening the file using Microsoft’s sound player. There are many applications that can play the attachment. Most are compatible with EVM, but there are a few that don't recognize *.wav files in gsm format.


No. They can be different, but if you prefer to set them to be the same number (for simplicity), this will work fine. However, if you change your voicemail security code, the EVM PIN will NOT automatically change.

Contact your email administrator. In most instances, email programs allow the recipient to view emails as text or HTML. If you don’t see the delete or settings buttons, your program is probably not allowing HTML.

The use of any dial up or Non-UA ISP service will necessitate the use of a VPN connection. The link in the received EVM email does not allow the user to delete the message unless the computer is attached to the UA Network.