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Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

Unity Connection will notify you when you are near the quota limit. When the mailbox is full? No new messages can be received or sent.

The caller will be notified by Cisco Unity when attempting to leave a message, that the mailbox is full.

Yes, but you will need to request to change this setting by emailing Telecommunications Services or call (520) 621-8999. Both VoIP and non-VoIP systems are set to a default of 3 and a half rings.

You either have a new message that you have not checked or you are designated to receive MWI notification for another user but the message is not stored in your Inbox, it's notification only!

If you have single Inbox (integrated with email) and you delete a message after you call in to check messages while away from your phone and/or email, that message will be moved from your Inbox into your Deleted folder.

If you have a rule setup in your Outlook Inbox to move voice mail messages to a different folder, and you logged into the Web Voice Mail page, it will show that the message will be moved from your Web Inbox to the Deleted folder. It will also turn off the Message Indicator Light on your phone. 

If you opted to have your Unity Connection voice mail integrated wtih your email and you delete messages either via phone when you call in to check on your messages or through your email account, here is what you need to know.

Deleting Message by Phone

If you call in to check on voice mail and delete your message via the phone the message will not only be deleted from your phone but from your email account as well, however the message will be moved to your email 'Deleted' folder where you still have access for one day.

Deleting Message by Email

If you delete your voice mail message from your email Inbox then the message will no longer be available on your phone.  Again, it will stay in your 'Deleted' email folder for one day after which it will be permanently deleted.