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Frequently Asked Questions - Calendar (Mac) With Outlook 2011

When requesting a Room in UAConnect calendar you need to make sure that you are actually clicking on the Room button and not selecting from the dropdown menu.  The dropdown only saves previous information and does not actually connect the room request to your meeting.  

  • When you click on the Room button a pop-up window will appear.
  • Search for the room resource(s) by typing in the name of the room(s) in the GAL.  Once you locate the room and select it (if available) for use make sure that you click on the bottom Room button to bring the room back over to your scheduled meeting invitation.  This will place the room in the To: location.  



  • Final confirmation will appear in the form of an email stating that the room is reserved for you.


Yes. Delegates on Resource Mailboxes must have full access permission to the full mailbox in addition to being tagged as delegates. No additional permissions are necessary.