The University of Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions - Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs)

Frequently asked questions for Designated Campus Colleagues (DCC) accounts formerly known as Department Sponsored Visitors accounts.

Answer: It expires one year after the initial DCC account creation date or when you no longer have an official reason to remain with the University. If you require a longer official stay then the date may be extended by the designated college/division approver.

Answer: Contact your departmental Administrative Assistant to find out who the department 'sponsor' is.  If the Administrative Assistant for your department does not know who your departmental sponsor
is, then have them contact the 24/7 IT Support Center at (520) 626.TECH (8324) for more information.

Answer: Contact your departmental sponsor and have them extend the expiration date if required.

Answer: If you are visiting the University for a conference or meeting, or perhaps you are a vendor working with a University department, then we recommend you use UAPublic as your WiFi network.  If you are a Designated Campus Colleague (formally known as a Department Sponsored Visitor) who works with University data, you should connect to UAWiFi and not UAPublic. UAPublic is an unsecured wireless network for visitors to the University. UAPublic provides the same bandwidth as UAWiFi, but it does NOT offer encryption.

Answer: A Designated Campus Colleague (DCC) will need a DCC ID and PIN number which are created by their college/division approver.