The University of Arizona

Emergency Procedures


To subscribe to cell phone and/or email campus emergency alerts, follow the instructions at:


Procedures for various emergencies are found at:

Computer Center

Computer Center Emergency Information cards are available in CC 229.


In case of building evacuation, such as activation of the fire alarm, the pre-determined evacuation points for the Computer Center are:

  • AME courtyard (through Highland tunnel only)
  • SALT courtyard
  • MLK parking lot

Do not cross Speedway Blvd. or Mountain Ave.


The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is located near the south east wall on the 2nd floor, close to the fire alarm panel and Reception Desk. (Please keep this area clear at all times.)

Opening the metal door which holds the AED triggers an alarm. The alarm DOES NOT send a signal to 911, the police department, or fire department. It is a deterrent to prevent individuals from messing with the device.

AED devices generally require no training as they are fully automated. An automated voice will guide the user through the brief necessary steps needed to render aid.