The University of Arizona

Account Provisioning FAQs

 Is there anything that must be done first?
  • Employees who need access must first review and agree to the UAccess Acceptable Use Policy before access can be requested.
  • Employees who need access must complete the FERPA Web Course before requesting UAccess Student roles.
  • Some roles have additional training requirements; please consult with your Access Provisioning Liaison to determine what prerequisites must be satisfied for the roles being requested. Requestors should ensure the person requiring access completes all applicable training before requesting access.  

Can I create a request for multiple systems and roles at the same time?

Yes, you may select multiple roles across multiple systems and subject areas with one request.  When you submit your request, multiple task tickets will be generated and assigned to the appropriate approval workflow depending on the subject area.  It is important to add specific business justification to each subject area when entering a request with multiple subject areas.  This will help the data steward from that functional area determine if the request is valid for approval.

You may not mix the type of request (Access Needed and Access Removal) within a request.  You will need to open separate requests if you need to add and remove access for a user.

How do I request a REMOVAL of access for an employee who is terminating or otherwise does not need a given role?
Go to the Access Provisioning Tool and select Request Access to or Removal from UAccess Systems. Enter the NetID of the person needing roles removed, select "UAccess Systems - Access Removal" and choose the appropriate item(s) for removal. 
How long will it take to obtain access, once I submit a request?
There are several steps involved in the approval and provisioning of requests. The typical length of time is 4-5 business days although this may be extended depending on the number of approvals needed. In the event it takes longer, requests will be active for 42 calendar days. If, due to lack of training or timely approval, the request expires on day 42, it will need to be recreated.
How can I track the progress of my request?
After a request for access has been created, it can be viewed and monitored using the Approval/Monitoring Application in the Access Provisioning Tool.  Go to, login and choose the "My Initiated" tab to view requests you have created. 
Where can I go for help with this process?
For assistance with this application or process, please contact the Enterprise Applications Security Team (EAST) at or 621-4214.
Where do I start?
Click here to login and create a new access request.